Smartindale abrasion tester


In the Smartindale Martindale Abrasion & Pilling Tester the traditional analog drive has been replaced by a digital drive, which makes the test more accurate. It is a smart instrument, which can network with the SmarTexLab app installed on your smartphone, and makes it possible to setup of test parameters, monitoring the test status, and sharing the test results from your phone, with one key, thus improving the efficiency of the operators.
In addition, Smartindale has the advantage of a one-touch switching between abrasion and pilling test modes, is calibration-free, very stable and offers a safe operation. It is applicable to a wide range of international standards, and can test the abrasion resistance and pilling performance of cotton, linen, silk woven fabrics and other textiles, film materials, knitted fabrics, woolen fabrics, artificial leather, synthetic leather, gloves, labor protection materials, etc.

Download flyer (773 KB)


Digital drive fot higher acuuracy and reliability
Smart instrument that connects to our app
Test mode switching with one click
9 test stations; we also offer a Martindale with 4 or 6 positions


ISO 12945-2 • ISO 12947-1 • ISO 12947-2 • ISO 12947-3 • ISO 12947-4 • EN 530 • ASTM D4970 • ASTM D4966 • optioneel EN 388 • SATRA TM31 A/B • Puma • EN 16094 • ISO 20344 item 6.12 • EN 13520 • ISO 5470-2