Warm/Cool Feeling Tester


This instrument measures the instant cool feeling and thermal conductivity of textile fabrics, underwear, sportswear, bedding material, automotive interiors, non-woven, leather, medical products, cosmetics, etc. It mimics the sensation of touching an object by hand.
In the cool feeling test, a sample is put onto a flat temperature controlled platform, after which we wait for equilibrium. The cool feeling test head, which has been heated by another heating plate, is then put onto the top surface of the specimen and measures the maximum heat transfer rate (Qmax) from the test head to the specimen. 

The instrument can also test Thermal Conductivity, in a similar way, yet with a determined temperature difference between the two plates.

Download flyer (469 KB)


  • Single workstation, two test modes, runs standalone or from pc
  • Automatic temperature control and automatic test progress
  • Touch screen operation


JIS L 1927 • GB/T 35263-2017 • CNS 15687 L3272 • FTTS FA 019