Thickness Gauge

Textile Film 

Thickness gauges for soft materials with different bases and measuring surfaces according to the most actual standards.

These thickness gauges have a digital indicator for measuring fabrics, films, rubber, foil, sheets, etc according to the standards. Various models have a computerised indicator with data saving and built-in dwell timer function for the precision thickness measuring of leather, textiles, geosynthetics, fabrics, etc, according to the standards.

It is also possible to manufacture custom thickness gauges with modified parameters such as measuring surfaces, force, range (up to 100 mm), depth (up to 200 mm), and timer period.

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ISO 3034 • ISO 4593 • ISO 23529 • ISO 2286 • ISO 2589 • ISO 5084 • ISO 9863 • ASTM D1777 • ASTM 3767 • ASTM D5199 • DIN 53370 • DIN EN 1849