Stiffness Tester

Paper Textile Film 

The fabric stiffness tester is a simple to use instrument, to determine the bending height, flexural rigidity and bending modulus of fabrics by the principle of the cantilever bending of a rectangular specimen.

It is a simple and quick procedure and calculation, ideal for testing most textile fabrics, such as woven, layered, pile, knitted, napped, etc, but can also be used to evaluate leather, paper, plastic films and other flexible sheet materials.
The instrument consists of a platform, having a smooth, low friction, flat surface, supported at both sides by a translucent plate, with a 41.5º index line engraved. A mirror allows the operator to view both lines from a convenient position. A scale is provided to measure the bending length.

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  • According to the international test standards
  • Easy, intuitive test method, fast results


ISO 9073-7 • DIN 53362 • ASTM D1388 • ASTM D5732 • ERT 50-3 • BS 3356