Spring scales

A series of precision spring scales in a very wide range from 10 grams to 50 kgs, or, if you want, we also have models available that read in Newton, oz or lbs.
The springs are not subject to fatigue due to age or frequent use, they are designed to be fatigue resistant and can be used a million of times.
Equipped with a clamp or an hook, these scales are applicable to a wide variety of force, weight and pressure measurements.
As an option, they can be printed with your own logo, colours or scale (minimum quantity 100 pieces).

Download flyer (624 KB)


  • Easy to use.
  • Mechanical, robust, durable
  • Quality in both material and form
  • More balances


EN 12453 • EN 12455 • EN 12489 • EN 12604 • EN 12605 • EN 12650 • EN 12653 • EN 12978 • EN 13241 • EN 16005 • EN 60335 • BS 8300