Phenolic Yellowing Test


Assessment of the potential to phenolic yellowing of textile materials. Performing this test helps fabric manufacturers understand, predict, and assure garment manufacturers that a garment will not turn yellow while in its packaging in the warehouse or during transportation. Consumables are thoroughly tested, batch by batch, before creating the certificate of conformity.
To complete the phenolic yellowing test, we also recommend as complementary equipment the use of a perspirometer, grey scale, oven and color assessment cabinet.

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  • Tejido de control del amartelamiento fenólico 100 x 30 mm (25 ud)
  • Film de 63 micras sin BHT 400 x 200 mm (100 hojas)
  • Papel impregnado para ensayos de amartelamiento fenólico 100 x 75 mm (50 ud)
  • Placas de vidrio 100 x 40 x 3 mm (10 ud)


EN ISO 105 X18 • M&S C20B • Next TM43 • adidas 5.10 • Tesco TM/137/01 • Arcadia AG16