Multifunction Abraser

Textile Film Inks Paints 

In the industrial field, coatings are commonly used to protect metal products, reduce friction, and improve wear resistance. Whether for aesthetic or functional reasons, premature surface damage to coatings can lower consumer perception of product quality. The Multifunction Abraser is suitable for testing the scratch resistance of coated materials, non coated materials, and other composite materials. It can also be specifically used for color fastness testing of decorative fabrics, automotive interiors, etc. In practical use, coatings may be affected by various adverse factors such as friction, scraping, and wear, among which scratch is a common form of damage. The Multifunction Abraser has a stable overall structure and adopts a precise electronic control system. By precisely controlling the running speed and testing load of the workpiece, it simulates the influence of various factors on the coating to test the hardness and wear resistance of the coating surface, thereby evaluating the durability and service life of the coating in actual use.

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  • Easy to operate by a intuitive and convenient touch screen
  • Flexibility, by adjustable stroke, speed and pressure
  • Multi function, due to the capability of replacing fixture heads and sample platform compatible with different standards
  • Reliability due to advanced techniques to ensure the reliability and accuracy of test results
  • We also offer a standard croclmeter


ISO 105 X12 • AATCC 8 • AATCC 165 • EN 13523-11