Manual Crockmeter

Textile Inks 

The crockmeter is used for the determination of colour fastness of textiles to rubbing under either dry or wet conditions.
It consists of the main unit having an oscillating arm with a finger, which rubs over the test specimen under a specified load. The rubbing finger is cylindrical in shape and has a flat base, which is covered with a piece of standard white crocking cloth which picks up the color lost by the test specimen. A counter with digital display is provided to view the number of rubs.

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EN 20105 • EN ISO 105 X12 D02 • DIN 54021 • AATCC 8 • AATCC 165 • NEXT 10 • M&S C8 • M&S C25 • M&S C52 • BS 1006 D02 • NF G07 066 • NF G07 019 • UNE 40029 • UNI 5153 • ČSN 80 0139