Film Applicators

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One of the keys to being able to carry out laboratory tests is to prepare samples with a controlled and homogeneous thickness.
The ideal system is an automatic film applicator, being a motorized system with variable speed, and where the manual applicators can be used.
As for manual applicators, the most homogeneous and precise film is achieved with the wire bar. The rest of the applicators are more flexible since you can regulate or choose the thicknesses, and end up being more economical and practical in some cases.
There are several models.

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  • Several models available:
  • Bird applicator (single sided): widths 50 and 75 mm
  • Two sided applicator: width 80 mm
  • Baker applicator (cylindrical): widths 60 or 80 mm
  • Cube applicator: widths 16 or 41 mm
  • Wire bars: widths 200 or 320 mm
  • Adjustable applicator: widths 50 to 300 mm
  • Eight sided applicator: width 60 mm
  • Four sided applicator: widths 60 and 80 mm
  • Leveling applicator
  • Sagging applicator
  • Other widths and selection of gap sizes available upon request.


ASTM D373 • ASTM D823 • ASTM D2801 • ASTM D3022 • ASTM D4400