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The Dropometer is a portable smartphone based contact angle goniometer, capable of measuring:

  • Surface tension of a liquid
  • Contact angle of a droplet (static, advancing or receding)
  • Sliding angle of a droplet on a tilted surface
  • Surface free energy of a solid surface

Utilizing a smartphone, LED backlighting, and a simple syringe holder, accurate contact angles can be measured in the field, as well as in laboratories. There are two versions of the Dropometer, Manual and Automatic. The automatic version has a smart liquid drop generation system which can precisely generate a liquid drop with a set volume at different flow rates. There is also an optional smart tilted stage which can tilt the sample surface according to the user needs by setting the tilting rate and angle. A customized version is also available if you need to control certain parameters (e.g. temperature or pressure).

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  • modular design, choose from the options you need
  • measures surface tension, contact angle, sliding angle and surface free energy
  • easy operation: insert the smartphone in the hardware, create your droplet, run the proprietary app and measure
  • available in a fully motorized automatic version or a manual version
  • portable: easy transportable, battery operated and low weight (1.5 kg)


ISO 15989 •  ISO 19403 •  ISO 27488 • TAPPI T458 • ASTM C813 • ASTM D724 • ASTM D5946 • ASTM D7334 • ASTM D7490 • ASTM G205